The Best of Professionals


Before delivery, our employees would check the order for machine preparation. Once a machine is produced, our quality inspector strictly checks its quality. Professional package and transportation guarantee the safe and smooth delivery.

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For every project, we would dispatch professional engineers to help installation. Our installation period is always short, which can help customers recover costs and get profits in a short time.

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Most Suitably Qualified People

Mark Johnson

Fortitude, integrity, and enthusiasm. Good at helping customers solve problems

Patrick Pool

Professional, serious, and passionate about sports. Good at helping customers solve problems

Sam Kromstain

Good at communication, like to help customers deal with all kinds of difficult problems

Alan Smith

Can solve all the problems raised by customers.

Our Skills and Experience

VU Tower-like Sand-Making System

Complete aggregate processing system to produce artificial sand and gravel, which is called VU Tower-like Sand-making System. The quality of the finished sand meets the national standards.